Sri Lanka’s southern coast hosts some of the world’s most exceptional wildlife and endangered species. Spot Leopards at Yala National Park, An easy day trip from Maya. The Uda Walawe wild elephant park and Kalametiya bird sanctuary are a short drive from Maya. Dine with the elephants… let us organize a Wild Elephant Picnic Lunch for you! Or take a night safari to Rekawa beach to observe the endangered marine turtles nesting. 

Spot Blue Whales, Sperm Whales and Spinner Dolphins in Dondra, on the southern coast. During the season from December to April, whale and dolphin watching excursions are possible from Mirissa only 40 mins from Maya.

Catch a glimpse of endangered turtles nesting in Rekawa.

Mingle with wild elephants at Uda Walawe.

Dolphin & Whale watching excursions
(December - April).

Watch out for Leopards at Yala National Park.

Look out for monkeys swinging through trees at Maya.